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Exported Collada files rotated

DaveD 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 7

I'm exporting DAE files from Origami and importing them into Cinema 4D for final render. I've noticed that some of the files coming from Origami are slightly rotated once placed inside Cinema. I delete the Origami camera that is included in the DAE and use my own. Everything in the scene is properly aligned to be parallel with my floor except the DAE which seems to be rotated on one axis at a 2-degree angle. 

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Can you provide more details, please? Like a small DAE file for testing and a screenshot of how it looks in C4D with its transformation properties there?


Collada file and screenshot above. In the lower right quadrant of the screenshot you can see what I refer to. Thanks for looking into it!

Transform properties attached. 

Actually I think I figured it out. It's off 1-degree. Coincidentally 1-degree is what I "folded" those tabs at so they tuck in nicely. Apparently Origami based the coordinates off that fold unfortunately. I retried it at a 10-degree angle and the DAE is off 10-degrees. Is there a way to base the properties off the artboard vs a fold to ensure it's always at a proper angle?


Thanks for the information. Origami doesn't know what part of the dieline is front or bottom, so it cannot rotate the shape without your help. You probably already know the bottom marker, try adding a "front" one, as well: https://boxshot.com/origami/tutorials/basic/front/

This should help and make the process more predictable.

YES! We do the same Collada export to Keyshot to animate boxes and products, we ran into this a few times, and would just manually fix, great to know!