Front and backside flip?

Paul of Sweden 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Am I the only one experiencing problems with Front and Back side is flipped?

I am using a two sided design. Made a test document to illustrate the problem.

The right side is "Bottom side". It contains the layer Origami Backside and it is the paint area Origami Backside.

The left side with the blue square and the text Top Side is in layer Origami and paint area FrontSide.

For some reason the blue area ends up front down in Origami. I dont understand why. 

I can of course change this by putting the top side in the Backside layer but it feels a bit reverse. 

Been reading through the documentation in detail. 

What am I missing?

Is it a language problem? I am using Illustrator in Swedish.


These are not "top" and "bottom" side, instead these are "main" and "back" sides, or "outer" and "inner" to be precise. It is not so obvious for flat layouts like yours, but once you fold a box, you'll get the main artwork outside the box which is convenient. The "back" artwork will be inside the box. Swapping them will make everything much more complex for folded shapes.

OK. How do I get the blue top side to be upwards?

In this particular layout you need to put it to the backside. There is no way to swap the sides in Origami.

Ok thanks. Then I will stop trying :)