3D Pdf only shows backside

Lucas 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 8

Origami Model works fine. When exporting to PDF it only renders the backside-artwork (as front and back)
Anyone familiar with this issue?

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Hello Lucas,

It would be nice to see a screenshot, but from the top of my head this is z-fighting. Have a look here for help: https://boxshot.com/origami/tutorials/mistakes/z-fighting/

Try creating a duplicate pasteboard and setting up the Outside artwork on that paste board with the Die in the EXACT same location and then use the two sided option

Sorry, its actually called the "Make/Updates Backside" feature located under the illustrator drop down.

good luck

Can you send a small sample AI file please? And the 3D PDF you get, as well. Thank you.

Hey Folks, thanks for the fast answers.
The Problem was that Origami created a second Artboard by clicking on the "create backside" in Illustrator, i deleted that, pasted everything in the original one and now it works :)
The Inside is still offset to the left somehow, but i guess ill just tidy up the document further and look for a solution myself :)

I am almost sure it is z-fighting between front and back, unless you created an overlapping layout. Then it is again z-fighting, but just between some other parts of the shape. Have a look at the link I posted above. For front/back z-fighting it might help to add some thickness to the paper in Origami settings.

Anyway, please feel free to share a small example that doesn't work, so I can help you better.

Hi Vitaly, as i said the problem is fixed. it wasnt z-fighting, somehow there was a problem with having the image material on two different artboards in illustrator. origami-preview was fine, just the pdf-export didnt work correctly. since backside and frontside were placed on a single artboard everything is working.