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add support for Euro-hole tags in center of box.

Willy Croezen 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

Dear Vitaly,


We are getting more and more boxes to design that need to feature a centred euro-hole-tag:



like in the attached design.

Is it possible to add this type of lock to origami also?

It would save me huge amounts of work, to not having to manually change this in illustrator

A combination of locks would also be helpful, like in the attached design, we have no thumb-cutout, which is no good, so I have to add this manually, which sucks.

700311-DIE-XX-2019032201-XXX - E-Flute 1mm -....ai

Under review

Hello Willy,

We probably discussed this before, did we? The logic is simple: in order to do this, we need a way to control the dieline from Origami, not from Illustrator as we do now. That's the next logical step for us with the software and this includes animation, folding control etc. We're still investigating the options as the one of the goals is to avoid saving plugin-dependent data into the Illustrator file. That's quite a challenge, but we have some ideas.

I'll leave it here for the others to support the request by upvoting it.