Dieline 0427 production problem

Chris Davey 2 years ago updated 7 months ago 4


I have created a box using dieline 0427 and produced a mockup on our Zund.

However the dieline does not take into account the front tabs.

For purpose of illustration, I have adjusted the fold angle to 85degrees - you can see that with the BFlute (3mm), the fold allowance in the dieline is 6mm, so the return tab does not have enough space to slide back into a recess (refer to top left hand corner of image where tab is meant to slide in in, and bottom left hand side of image to show there is not a 3mm gap that will allow the tab to slide in).


Hello Chris,

Thanks, we're going to address this in the next update of the platform. Sorry about the issue.


I have noted this same issue with 0427 cartons, some tolerances (particularly front lfaps) are incredibly tight.


This has been fixed, please try generating a new shape and check that there is enough space for front tabs inside the box and the flaps are not that tight anymore.

Awesome. Thank you. I will test this out and see how it goes. What did you do to achieve the fix?