File Name Detection for version 2.9

Anton04 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 9

After updating to the latest Origami version (2.9), I have found that when I load a die-line from Illustrator to Origami (by just opening the application) it no longer retains the Illustrator file name when exporting to a 3D Model. Now I have to type out the project file name every time I save/export an Origami file. I noticed that the file retention was something that was worked on in the update. Could this be a bug or is there something I'm missing. I'm using Mac OS Mojave, and CC 2019.

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Yes, this version saves the name you entered when exporting a 3D model or saving an image and should use it the next time you do the same. The names are saved on a per-Illustrator project basis, so you should have proper export names even if working with multiple files at the same time.

The previous version used the latest used file name, so when you switch to a different project in Illustrator it still used the old name. The new version will offer an empty name in that case.

Does it work this way in your case or it doesn't work even for the same project being exported twice? Please provide more details or maybe a step-by-step guide to reproduce the problem, so we can test it here.

Sorry for not getting back earlier, the email notification got lost in my junk folder.

Unless I'm not understanding this correctly (and I apologize in advance), this seems to be a little contradictory? You describe in the first paragraph that when you save/export a file it should use the Illustrator project name. Is that right or do you have to re-enter the project name before saving (which is what your second paragraph seems to be indicating)?

My workflow is this: Setup my Illustrator project with Origami layer, make sure it's saved, open Origami (which then it loads the model with art), then I immediately export to a DAE file. 

In previous versions, it would automatically fill in the file name with the illustrator project name and I would have to just pick a destination. Now I am having to retype the entire project file name before export (this can become tedious when a lot of our projects have long complex names and I have to go through 10-20 different models). 

Also, to add to this, when Origami is running, I can see the Illustrator file name listed at the top of the window indicating which project it's pulling from. It just doesn't use it when exporting (unless I'm missing something). Let me know if you need more details.


I got your point now, thanks for the detailed information. Yes, this looks like a bug that we'll fix in the next update. We changed the way Origami stores recently used file names and missed that automatic default names. Good spot.

Oh good. Thanks for fixing!


Fixed in 2.9.1, please update and let me know if something is not working as expected.

I am unable to update because it keeps giving me a license error. It says license renewal required. So am I now forced to use the "broken" version unless I renew?

I rolled it back to just version 2.9. Is there a way to go back farther? Before 2.9 so I don't have to deal with the renaming issue anymore? 

Sure, you can get 2.8 here: Windows 64 or Mac OS X