Dielines set to overprint by default?

Willy Croezen 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 2

I have recently started to notice that the Die-lines in Illustrator, that Origami Generates after creating a new-die-cut, seem to have the "overprint" attribute set to true...? I haven't noticed this behavior before, is it a new "feature" that was introduced?

It is a major pain in the ass for me. can this be at least a feature that you can turn off in settings?

Under review

I believe it's been there for quite a long time, since we made the dielines to use spot colors. We had a number of requests to make them overprint and you are the very first person who is unhappy with that.

If this is a major problem, we can consider making this an option, but could you first explain what is wrong with overprint?


We've just released Origami 2.9.1 where you can configure that. Let me know if it helps.