3d rendering but with open view

Chuck Nijmeh 2 years ago updated by Joey Lopez 2 years ago 5

Is there a way to see the 3d rending of a box opening and closing. I would like to show clients the box closed and opened

Under review

You can change the lid's crease angle to open the box. Unfortunately, there is no animation there, but you can still render it open or closed, depending on your needs.

See here for more details: https://boxshot.com/origami/tutorials/basic/cuts-and-creases/

thank you , where can we ask for a feature request to add this feature 

You can ask right here, the forum is for questions and ideas. You initially put this as an idea, but asked a question instead. If you want a feature, please describe it in more details, so others can support it.


This would be amazing, presently we use Origami + Keyshot to animate, and it's a pretty lengthy process since we have to break every flap down into a groupand add pivot points, etc. 

I actually wonder if there isn't some middle of the road way to assist end-users with creating the animations in an external app - e.g. adding an extra piece of geometry at the apex of creases (a cylinder for example) this would aid in breaking down the model and finding where all of the folds are easily. 

Here's what we end up with using Origami and Keyshot: