Resizeable - Eurohole Tag

Willy Croezen 2 years ago 0

We have a standard euro-hole-size that is used in our company, and all boxes that have euro-hole, need to have the same size hole.

the size of the euro-hole that is standard in the origami templates, is NOT the right size for us.

now, I have to manually change the euro-hole in illustrator, every time I make a box-layout in origami that has a euro-hole.

recently however, there have been two more designers added to our team and they sometimes forget to update this, and we end up with boxes with different size euro-holes.
it would be really cool, and make my life a whole lot easier, if you could set the default euro-hole size in origami settings, so that every time you create a new box-layout that has a euro-hole in it, it will use the default one.