Origami plugin for Adobe Illustrator 2020

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Will there be an update?



Origami 3.0.1 is released, use the new discussion thread

Under review

We are working on that, stay tuned. Meanwhile, consider keeping the previous version of Illustrator around.


Hi Vitaly. This could be a how long is a piece of string question, but do you have an ETA for the blog in. Is it hours, days, weeks? Personally I have a massive project that needs Origami and I have already updated to AI 2020.

Thanks Vitaly


We hope to release it this month, fingers crossed. You can install AI 2019 next to AI 2020 and use them both. Not sure if it fits your workflow, but at least you can do that.


only issue is the file saves as 2020 so we would have to downgrade the file to save it into 2019


Please, please, PLEASE expedite this. There's really no excuse for not being prepared when the 2020 release was in beta for months before the release. Will you be prorating our licenses for however many days it takes to patch?


We have a reason that we believe is well worth the waiting. Please be patient, we're doing our best.


As per other users, desperate for this update as cant use Origami without as we have transferred to 2020 with all our workflows.


There is always an option to downgrade to an earlier version of Illustrator, if Origami is critical to your workflow.

You are able to run multiple Illustrator versions side-by-side; so you could keep an older version of illustrator purely for use with Origami, and then the newer version for your standard workflows?

I am eagerly awaiting the update however, as Illustrator 2020 fixed a number of common bugs I was experiencing, so it would be my preference to use 2020 instead of 2019

OK, guys, here you go: https://boxshot.com/2019/11/25/origami-3-0.html

Your feedback is very welcome right here :)

Thanks a lot Vitaly !!! It's great !

I've played with it and i have 2 questions :

1• Paper : How i can choose no texture (i don't want flute) ?

2• Multiple shapes Or multiple dielines, or multiple scene elements. How i can proceed in Illustrator 2020 in order to have 2 dictincts shapes in origami ? I would like to create a box (shape1) with an inner wedge (shape2)

Thanks again !


Okay I found it! Origami 3 is awesome!
Thank you for this update

Thanks for your feedback, "no texture" is a good option, we'll add it. As for the other question - the new version definitely needs tutorials and we'll make them for sure. Just a little bit later :)

yes Vitaly the new version definitely needs tutorials but by looking a little harder, I managed to get what I wanted.
Thank you again for your application!

here my result :h

What was the most difficult to realise?

Bravo for support Affinity

prefect move :)

Thanks, we hope it gets even better next year.

dear Vitaly

Good thing takes time... Thanks for your upgrade, I like it very much, although it takes getting used to. The rendering is breathtakingly fast. What I miss is the paper setting for own papers, analog Origami 2.

Thank you for your feedback, appreciated. All the paper settings are still there, you just setup them separately: both thickness, artwork and color tint. Do you miss that or the ability to select a pre-defined paper type using a drop-down list?


Hello Vitaly. Yes, Predefined material / paper is a feature I miss already testing the new version.

In the previous version I had various types defined, with custom textures for quick mockups in PDF to show team members.  Having predefined paper types saves a lot of time :) 


The main reason we took them out is the project files. You can now save the whole scene as a "project" and share it. If you make a custom paper type on your computer, use it and send the project to me - I don't have that paper type in my list and will not be able to read the project properly. That's why we ended up with a per-element configuration of all the paper options.

What we can do is to return custom paper types window and add a drop-down list that will populate the new fields with the pre-defined parameters. This way the project still keeps separate options for each element, but you can quickly set them up with your own presets. Will it work for you?

Hi! Thanks heaps for the update, seems like a great addition!

Feedback I've noticed thus far - when rotating an object, it keeps the lighting the exact same. 

The issue with this arises for me because I've put a clone of the same artwork in the scene, as a way to show all sides of a box in one render, however when doing so one of the boxes is completely in shade, with no way to rectify?

Thanks again!

That's a good spot, thank you.



Like that you can have multiple illustrators connect

Love the idea of being able to have two pieces (we do a ton of inserts and I was photoshopping them in before)

Still love the foil feature! 


The Zoom is so touchy. (using a track pad and struggle to get it where it is needed)

I liked being able to add in my own preset paper types. (We use 12 pt - 24 pt SBS paper a ton with our work and don't want to have to set this up per each project.)

rendering file saving name is automatically the file name from illustrator and saves to same location. 

liked the quick camera button vs going to another screen (found that the Z key does the trick)

Random Facts about me as a user:

I won't ever be using this outside of illustrator. 

Graphic designer that uses this program after strudel designers build our the dielines, allows for me to preview the art as well as check their work for minor issues. 

has helped me understand 3D and package design so much more. 

Suggested feature:

Most material is white but we deal a lot with corrugate. Right now I add in my own texture, it would be great to change the paper color. 

Save views to snap back to certain views

Thanks for the detailed feedback, appreciated. May I ask some questions, please?

  1. Could you comment on the paper type selector suggested above in the thread? So we still have all the fields + get a way to fill them up quickly with a locally stored preset?
  2. What name to use for saved files if you have two objects in the scene?
  3. There is "diffuse tint" option in the element properties, does it work as a paper color?

Your answers would really help.

Hi, apologies if I've missed it but how do I switch between low and high-quality artwork for output for export 3D model?

Used to be in settings but can't see it now.

It is now here:

As Origami stores the artwork in projects (and even lets you undo/redo your dielines and art), there is no special mode for rendering or export as in version 2. High/low quality selection is only make sense for Illustrator, so the option is now there and works on a per-dieline basis.

Got it, thanks!


Hey, great work on the version for illustrator CC20. Main thing for me would be adding paper presets of my own. A lot of the packaging work I do depends on the dyelines being set up for specific card weights and stocks, so this would be key. Other than that enjoying it so far!

Working on this...

So far great work on that upgrade. The only thing I don't like is the connected applications.

When opening Origami 2 with Illustrator already open, it was already recognizing the file opened.

It would be great if at least Origami would connect automatically to the first open Illustrator file.

Right now I have to specifically go to the menu to connect, It is a bit annoying since I usually only use

one version of Illustrator.


I got your point, but what about other options there? Like the dieline generator?

Finally, once you get the dieline from Illustrator, Origami remembers your selection for this object and doesn't ask again.

Hi Vitaly,

I sill think that when opening any first document, Origami 3 should load up automatically like Origami 2 (no real explanation for that difference).

I made a topic about this here, let's see what other people think.

I found out that when opening Origami 3, if you don't pay attention to the Select Target option and your selecting your application without the high quality artwork it will not be there to select after worth. This option should be there at any time.

That's the sending popup, artwork is not being sent back to Illustrator, so there is no need to put that option there.

I wonder how did you get two Illustrators there? Do you run two copies of Illustrator?

I also have 2 copies of illustrator shown in Origami (Illustrator CC 2020 for both) but only have 2020 installed currently.


Have a look at your Plug-ins folder of Illustrator 2020, how many Origami plugins are there?

I understand this but, still no option to activate or not the high quality artwork after original opening!

The 2 Illustrators are there from my initial installation and I don't have 2 copies.

Origami remembers your last dieline source and doesn't show the popup when you click the button again. However, if you right-click that button, you will see the popup and can switch the option there.

I see your point, but as the artwork quality is only make sense for Illustrator, we don't want to make it floating around like the two buttons. Suggestions are welcome.

As for the Illustrators, please have a look at the plugins folder of your Illustrator and see if there are more than one copy of Origami 3 plugin. If you are sure everything is fine there - please send us a private message, so we can discuss the details with logs and screenshots.

Ok, I got the trick of it and I corrected the 2 copies of Illustrator.

I found this Select Target confusing and the high quality should be in the Scene tab as a on/off button.

I would like to mention too, that it would be great to have the Zoom to the scene in both the Scene and Camera tabs since if you do adjustment, add up extra scene etc you don't to go back to Camera tab to recenter your view.

Got it, thank you. Looks like we need more buttons around the preview area. Meanwhile you can zoom the camera with "Z" hotkey.


Origami 3.0.1 is released, use the new discussion thread

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