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Origami 3: Changing layer name from "Origami" to something else in preferences doesn't work.

Josh Sam 1 year ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago 3

When I try importing from illustrator nothing happens unless I change the layer name to "Origami". Even though I changed it to be "Die Lines" in the settings. 

Also when I export, it sends it to illustrator in the already open document with the layer "Origami".

It should send it to illustrator with the layer name specified in preferences in a new document like Origami 2 does. 

Under review

Does it help to restart both Origami and Illustrator? I only can reproduce this if I change settings while having Illustrator running and it doesn't catch the new name. Otherwise it seems working. Please let me know if restart helps or if there is a clear way to reproduce this even after restarting?

We'll sort the restart problem out, of course. I just want to make sure we don't miss something else.

I am having the same issue. Origami seems to generate / export the die line into the currently open document within Illustrator, instead of creating a new document. Renaming the Origami layer seems to work fine with no restarts for me.



Export to the current document is the expected behaviour. You basically "send" the dieline into Illustrator, so it updates the currently opened document. If you need it in a new document - make one first, then send the dieline. This way many nice things become possible. We're going to improve this feature a bit for more flexibility, but the main idea stays the same.

We are yet to explain this in more details in the tutorials, but so far it is sort of trial and error for you guys. Sorry about that.