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Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 14

The new version is here: https://boxshot.com/2019/12/08/origami-3-0-1.html - your comments are very welcome below :)


I am having an issue with the beta when I export as Colada for use in Boxshot. Origami is naming all the textures "Illustrator 2020-Front.png" instead of "Name-I-Input-Front.png". This makes it very difficult when exporting multiple models into the same folder. To stop it overwriting all the previous exported textures I have to manually rename the files and then go in to Boxshot and manually reassign the textures. All previous versions of Origami worked the correct way.

Origami names output files using scene element names and front/back/side suffix, it also checks so the multiple scene elements don't overwrite their images on export. Do you import multiple scenes into the same folder? Maybe you can make a new folder for each export?

I mean it is not a problem to add, say, a project name to the exported image names, but this might be an overkill for those who export to empty folders.


OK I see what is going on now. I didn't realise that I could change the "Scene" name or even that that was something I needed to do. (New functionality I wasn't aware of in this version.) Changing the Scene name solves my issue.

Great, but could you explain a little bit more what was the problem? Did you export multiple scenes into the same folder, or Origami overwrote its own images because of names collision or what?

Previously when I exported files from Origami for use in Boxshot I would choose a name for the boxshot object and then it would name all the textures with the same name and the suffix. Now that the export for Boxshot option has gone and I have to save as Colada in order to open them in Boxshot I didn't realise I had to change the scene name to get it to do the same thing. I didn't want to have to save them all out in seperate folders because when working on a Boxshot scene with multiple objects in it it is far easier to have them all in the one folder. I like to be able to re-export updated artwork from Illustrator via Origami for use in Boxshot so the art just automatically updates in Boxshot without having to re import the whole model. I do this process many, many times a day and having to rename or reimport each time would be a non starter for me. Before I realised I had to change the scene name to get it to name the texture files anything other than the auto generated "Illustrator 2020-Suffix.png" it was overwriting textures for other models because even though the model_name.dae file was distinctly named all the textures had the same default name so they overwrote each other. That was why I was saying I had to manually rename the files and relink them to the newly named texture in Boxshot each time.

Got it, thank you. Do you think naming textures like <base export name>_<element name>_<side>.png would be better?


I would love that. That saves me an extra step and seeing as I do this many times a day any saved step is a good time saving.

I'm having the same issue.  I can't get it to export collada files so when I import the file in Keyshot it will have textures on it.  Not even when I change the scene name.  Worked fine before this update.

Is that because of the file names conflict or for some other reasons? If it is not about mixing file names - please contact us directly with some before/after examples and we can test that.

I'm Get an Issue with Adobe Dimension not importing wavefront OBJ Files. Works from Origami 2.9.1

Under review

Can you send a small example file? Also what about other software, say Boxshot or Owlet?

As with older versions, artwork does not wrap around a fold naturally. The art is just stretched in a perpendicular manner to the edge. 

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