Foil image file not generated on export.

Blue Star 1 year ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago 4

I'm having an issue exporting a job with foiling. On export the Foil image is not been generated using Origami 3.0.1. Same file works with Origami 2.9.1 ok. Can someone suggest a solution or is this a Bug. Thanks 


Looks like a bug in OBJ exporter. Collada works fine, consider using it until we release the update.

Hi Vitaly/Blue Star. I cannot get foiling to work at all exporting from origami 3 as colllada and importing into Boxshot 5. Could you explain the process from set-up in Illustrator to settings in origami 3 and boxshot 5 please. I sometimes use ESKO but want to come away from this. Below are rendering results from ESKO and Boxshot. ESKO you can see the foil clearly.

Actually, after having a deeper look at the OBJ exporter in versions 2 and 3, the main difference is that version 3 simply doesn't export the foil mask mostly because it is not mentioned in the MTL file. We are yet to look into that, but the OBJ/MTL format is quite limited when it comes to complex materials. Collada works much better and provides better integration between all the products.

As for the foil effect, the main question is if you see it at all, even in Origami? Here I made a test box with big pink foil piece in Illustrator:

Here I loaded it into Origami 3:

If you rotate the box, you will clearly see the reflection on the pink area. That's the foil and you should see the same in your scene. If not, the problem is somewhere there.

Then I simply export it to Collada and import it into Boxshot 5. No changes or adjustments are done, it is just a simple export/import:

You should see exactly the same reflecting areas in Boxshot, as you see in Origami. This means the foil mask has been transferred into Boxshot without errors. The rest is about two things:

1. foil parameters - https://boxshot.com/boxshot/tutorials/advanced/foil/ (in boxshot 4, but version 5 is more or less the same)

2. environment texture - https://boxshot.com/boxshot/tutorials/advanced/realistic-rendering/ (it is about plastics, but is still worth the reading)

So once you get the reflection mask loaded onto the shape, it is all about adjusting the materials. If you get the mask, but don't like the reflection itself, consider adjusting the material. If you don't get the mask at all, the problem is most likely with the spot color name in your Illustrator project.

Hope this helps.


Try version 3.0.2 here: https://boxshot.com/2020/01/27/origami-3-0-2.html it should generate the foil mask with OBJ files.