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Multiple objects using same cutter?

S77 1 year ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago 2

Hi, ive managed to get two objects in to a scene, however they are both using the same cutter despite being different in illustrator? do you need to label them differently so Origami recognises they should be different?

Sorted. Its because they were both the same name in Origami, renaming them so they are different fixes it by control clicking on the imported name and changing.

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You need two Illustrator files with two different dielines, then get one model from one file and another model from the second file. Origami reads the currently selected Illustrator file, so if you want two different models in the scene, you need to update them one by one and switch the current file in Illustrator.

We have some plans on improving this and also on providing better docs when version 3 will be released. Meanwhile it might be a little bit tricky at first.