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Origami 3.0.2 beta - discuss here

Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 15

Another beta is here: https://boxshot.com/2020/01/27/origami-3-0-2.html - your feedback is very welcome :)

I noticed the maximum size is 1000 mm? Can this be changed?

Under review

Could you specify which exactly size is in question, please?

I must create a lot of big packages, for instance one that is 1190 mm long. When I fill in 1190, origami switches to 1000. If I then enlarge it in illustrator, origami seems to render it in the right size.

So that's the dieline generator? What is the layout?

Yes, sorry, the online generator, it is ecma 20.20.03 I think, but I am not behind my work computer right now.

Also, I noticed that after sending the Origami Scene to Illustrator the Units are changed to Centimetres, while Illustrator was set on Millimetres.

When Origami makes a new Illustrator document on your behalf, it uses the units you have configured in Origami. So if you have centimetres in Origami, you'll get centimetres in Illustrator, as well. There is a problem that Origami also changes the system units, which is not OK - we'll fix that, but the document units will be configured after the ones you have in Origami.

Illustrator itself does the same when you open a document - it uses the document's units, not the system ones.

So this behaviour looks correct for me. Let me know if you disagree, so we can discuss the options.

Further testing shows that there is no way for us to use the units you configured in Illustrator preferences. We have to specify units when making a new document, we can't read the ones from Illustrator, so we use the units you setup in Origami. Unfortunately this changes the default units in Illustrator and again we can't see the way to change this.

It is actually the same for the "New Project" window in Illustrator itself: it doesn't read its own preferences and offers its own version of units, and once the document is created, it changes the units in Illustrator preferences, as well.

We'd like to make it better, but unfortunately there is no way to do so. Consider setting Origami to use millimetres, as well, and you should be all good with the units for both apps.

This is linked to the other mail, because mouse scrolling when the units set are millimetres, is very slow. When this scrolling is unit-independent then it would be better. I prefer to work with millimetres.

That said, Origami 3 is awesome!

This one will be fixed in the next update. Already works here on my test installation. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the units, but it doesn't look a big deal as long as you can have the same units in Origami.

I remarked that mouse scrolling is linked to unit measurement, so when in points or mm units the scrolling is so slow.

This should be independent and have a generic scrolling just like Origami 2.


Good point, thank you.

I am running the beta 3.0.1 and I don't see the Illustrator menu or a way too Make/Update Backside.

Version 3 is quite different compared to version 2. Have a look here to have a better understanding of how it works with Illustrator. As for the backside option, it is now in the scene element settings panel at the left.

We'll update the tutorials when version 3 is out of beta.

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