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Origami 3.0.3 - almost out of beta

Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 17

Origami 3.0.3 is here: https://boxshot.com/2020/02/10/origami-3-0-3.html report anything you don't like, otherwise we'll release it this way :)

Max. Size is now >1000 mm, cool! Zooming with mouse goes good now too! Excellent!

Under review

Well, we haven't changed the max size yet. It is on the server part and we will update it somewhere in the future. Different dielines may have different limits, so maybe you're just trying a different one. Anyway, let me know if you have any issues again.

Also note, that the canvas size in Illustrator is limited by and the resulting shape of 4 1-point-something-meters panels may not fit the canvas and cause errors. Again, let me know if you experience that.

Yes, I noticed in A20.20.03.01 the limit remains 1000 mm, while the fefco 211 has no limits.

I like to use the tool and am actually very satisfied with it, but unfortunately something is not right in the template system.

The template for punch from EMCA A60.xx.xx is not correct. The floor will not be lockable this way. A fatal mistake that just cost us real money. :-(

We have now had to have this corrected by the printer and a professional designer.

When will the error be corrected?

Could you provide more details, please? Or a before/after version? What is the problem?

the problem is with the notches on the bottom of the product. According to EMCA, the tabs must not taper to a point, but require a recess. Enclosed a picture for illustration. The red lines are from origami, the blue lines from EMCA.
At the moment the origami stamping contours are not correct..

Thank you. This is also a part of the dieline generator service and we'll address this in the near future, as well as the maximum size issue mentioned above.

If by any chance you can share a copy the specifications and dimensions used on the image above, that would also help.

You can't paste a file name into the Save or Export dialogue boxes in Origami. Sometimes I have long and complex file naming structures I need to get exactly right in order to overwrite other files and having to retype the names each time is tedious. Normally you can cut and paste into save dialogues but you can't in Origami. I remember you used to not be able to do that in Boxshot either but that has been fixed. I would love to see that change made in Origami as well please.

Yep, missed that :( Will fix in the next update. Is that Mac OS, correct?

Actually one more thing and I know these are really feature requests no bug reports sorry bu tI'll put them here for future reference anyway. I would love to have a preference setting to always have "High quality artwork (slow)" checked. I sometimes forget to check it and there is no situation where I want low quality so being able to set it as a preference would be great. Thanks.


OK, will add this.

Having problems with resolution. Origami now outputs textures at 100%. That's good. Max resolution seems to be 600dpi. That's bad. Final renders end up looking pixelated since the texture size isn't large enough to support hi-res, final renders. 

What is the max DPI/resolution you need? The limits are there for a reason, as with large DPI the artwork becomes too big even for modern GPU, so previewing it in Origami could easily be a problem.

Btw, you can always export the artboard manually from Illustrator with the DPI you need and replace the one exported by Origami. Providing that you checked "use artboard bounds" in Illustrator when exporting, it should work just fine until we release an update with higher DPI limit.

I have a large dieline with a relatively small graphic area. The renders I'm doing require me to zoom into the graphic area for some dramatic shots. While 600 dpi is typically overkill, in this context Origami is generating a giant texture map of mostly white space and little graphic detail. Partly due to the unique layout, partly due to the resolution limit. 

As a workaround, because Origami is outputting at 100%, I'm able to res-up the image in Photoshop and copy/paste directly from Illustrator. 

Thanks for the quick response! 

For such scenarios you'd better export to Boxshot and then apply your artwork as a decal. This way you get a better resolution and quality at the price of some extra steps.

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