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Origami 3.0.4 - release candidate

Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 15

The new version is here: https://boxshot.com/2020/02/24/origami-3-0-4.html - just a couple of minor changes. I hope this will become a release, but let us know here if you still have any problems.

PS: dieline issues will be sorted out separately soon.


I'm always excited to try out the updates, however this one takes forever to connect with Illustrator 2020 to get the original box to show up on screen. If the artwork is more complex (this one has a lot of vector shapes and masks), could that be what's causing the delay?

Under review

Do you use a high quality artwork for that shape? Or maybe you enabled high quality artwork by default?

Some artworks may take a while to rasterize, but it should be within the reasonable waiting time for most of the artwork. If you don't use high quality artwork and haven't adjusted the default resolution/dpi in settings - it should take just a couple of seconds to fetch the artwork. If not - I would really like to see the Illustrator project please.

Thanks for your input, Vitaly. This is a screenshot of my Origami Settings. Is there something I should change/configure in this panel, or is it somewhere else?

I would set the low quality artwork DPI to 72, which is the default value. This should speed it up for you. Once you need a high-quality image, say for export or rendering, you can switch the "high quality artwork" in the scene element settings and re-load it from Illustrator. It will take longer, but you do this just once.

Hi Vitaly: 

I tried setting the low quality artwork DPI to 72, which did speed up the retrieval of the model. However, I did need a high-quality rendering, so I turned on the "Use high quality artwork for new elements" option, deleted the existing model and reloaded it, but the results were the same (low-quality artwork in the render). 

It seems the only way to get a high-quality render is to leave it at my original settings that I had in my screenshot above. I'm not sure what the "high quality artwork for new elements" option is useful for, but it didn't work for me. Please advise... thanks.


We'll cover this in the tutorials once the new version is released. Basically, you get two quality settings: high and low. You set that on a per-object basis in the scene list panel. Low quality means faster data fetching, high quality gives you better artwork at the price of the waiting time.

So you switch the artwork quality, then re-fetch the shape from Illustrator to get the quality you requested. You initially configured the low quality mode to use high quality settings, which gave you longer waiting time. When you switched it back, you got faster fetching with lower quality, as expected.

The "use high quality artwork for new elements" option simply changes the default value of "high quality artwork" option of new elements and according to the reports, it doesn't work as expected yet.

Origami keeps all the artwork in the scene, so I would work in low quality, until the shape looks fine, then switch to high quality and re-fetch the item. Then continue to the next item and so on. This way you get a fast preview and wait for high quality artwork just once.

The reason behind all that mess is that fetching of a high quality artwork is slow. We hope to improve this in the future and maybe completely get rid of the modes, but so far you have to make a choice between the speed and quality.

Thanks for the clarification, Vitaly. 

So was I doing it correctly then? My process: 

1) Set low quality to 72 dpi (does it matter if I turn antialiasing on or off?)

2) Import model

3) Go back to settings and turn on "Use high quality artwork for new elements"

4) Delete existing model and re-import

For step #4, does it make a difference if I just reload instead of deleting and replacing? 


I wouldn't touch high/low quality settings and settings overall, at all. The defaults are usually good enough for like 99% of cases. You simply import the model, check it, make changes, reload it, etc, until you are happy with what you see, except for the artwork quality. Then you go here:

Check the box and reload the shape again. There is no need to delete the old one and add it again, simply select the artwork quality as on the screenshot above and reload the shape. It will take longer, but you'll get better artwork. Then you can go on to the next scene element, or export/render the one you have.

Thanks Vitaly, I'll try it out and let you know how it goes. 

Ok, I did it and it worked as desired. Thanks for the tip and clarification again! 

The High quality default option is not working properly. When I connect to Illustrator for the first time for any particular model, even though the "High quality Artwork" option is on as per the new default setting you implemented, it doesn't actually load high quality artwork. I have to click the "Update" circular icon in the lower right hand corner to get it to reload the model with high quality artwork.

We'll double-check that, thank you.

Is there anyway to save your preview options as a default? 

I never want the grid or gradient background.

Also would be nice to be able to add 'feet' to the packaging as an option when creating the die cut.

We do not have preview options defaults (yet), please feel free to submit this as a separate idea so we can test the demand.

As for the measurement units - they are configured in settings and used across the app, including the dieline generator. If it doesn't work - I need more details please.

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