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Origami 3.0.5 - discuss?

Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago updated 12 months ago 22

One step closer to the release: https://boxshot.com/2020/03/07/origami-3-0-5.html - all the reported problems have been fixed (dielines come later). If nothing wrong is found, this will be the official "version 3" release.


The issue of how art renders around or over the folded edge has not been addressed. This is inaccurate and poses issues when viewed by recipients.

Under review

We'll address it later, not in 3.0.X

Thanks for the update. The artwork is coming in immediately now, unlike the last patch where I had to wait several minutes for it to come in.


Just going to test the update.
I've a few things I would like to see in Origami.
1. Can we have a “lock camera” position button? I make several renders of the same size box, but with a slight difference. 1 packaging but 10 different flavours. So, I'll create the scene, then refresh using a different ai file, the Die Cut is the same so the graphics just change. I'll render a scene each time, but then you catch the mouse and the camera moves, so the consistency in the images is gone. It would be very handy to lock the camera so this doesn't happen.
2. Is there any way to flex the material at all? I've tried rendering a card bag, because the inside vertical fold has different angels in the real world, there's no way I know to reflect this in Origami?

I do think this is hands on one of the best Apps I use. Keep up the good work.

This topic is for the issues of a particular release. If you want new features, please post them one by one as "ideas". I made a post about the camera locking button for you. The second idea is not that clear, so you are welcome to do it yourself, but please provide more details so others can understand and support that. The more support it gets, the higher the chances we'll add that.

Errors such as "Triangulation Failed" seem to be 'sticky' and don't go away when the model is refreshed from illustrator - i kept thinking there was still an error even though it rendered (which sometimes happened in previous versions of Origami, where you'd get both the dieline and the render appearing with the error) but once clicking on the error it went away. Might make it more obvious that it's sticky by adding an "X" button to it, or just have it go away once a refresh happens.

It should go away with refresh. If it doesn't - please share the simple AI project that reproduces the problem.

File attached below, fresh dieline from the generator: pulled a line away to make it throw the error, then fixed it and refreshed. the error stays there. Clicking it makes it go away. 


The green (->) "send" button that appears is confusing, since the top two options "last used target" and "connected applications" are the same top options that appear when the (+) button is pressed on a new blank slate, i keep accidentally clicking them and having the model pushed back into the open illustrator document, wether it's the one with the dieline i'm using or not. This is a rather destructive accident that could leave some angry customers blaming Origami. A simple Cmd+Z fixes it in illustrator. But I think the 'Send' button should be replaced with the Export functionality. What used to be a one-click button in previous versions (to export 3D file to owlet format) is now 3-4 clicks away (export > Export 3D Model > Dropdown > Collada) 

Yes, the "Send" button updates the currently opened document in Illustrator. Yes, it can affect a wrong document, but as we have "Undo", it shouldn't be a big deal. Anyway, we have finer Illustrator integration in plans, so instead of Illustrators' list, you will see the list of documents. It will take time, though. Meanwhile, just get used to the current behavior - it is not that complex. Suggestions are welcome, of course.

As for the export option, it is pretty much the same number of clicks as in version 2, maybe one extra click for selecting the panel itself. Our current understanding is that we don't want to remove the "send" button from the preview area and that adding "export" there will overload the interface (as the next step would be obviously to add the "render" button, as well). Again, suggestions are welcome, just post a new "idea" topic and see if it gets support. What we can do is to add a keyboard shortcut for export, or rendering, or both.

I can't scroll in the 'online dieline generator'. resizing the dialog box just further limits the choices available, arrow keys don't work, page up/page down keys don't work, and scroll has the 'bounce' as if it's already at the furthest extents.


Do you use touch-pad or mouse? Also, what is the operating system?

MacOS Mojave (10.14.6)

Same behavior happens with:

  • Apple Magic Mouse
  • Apple Magic Mouse II
  • MacBook Pro Retina 15" Mid-2014 TouchPad
  • Wacom Intuos Pro Wheel set to scroll
  • Same behavior happens with Wacom disconnected and driver removed (tested in case it was the culprit)

Reproduced with a touch-pad, but not with a simple mouse with a wheel. The Magic mouse probably acts as a touchpad, but I wonder why Wacom doesn't work there... Anyway, we'll sort it out in the next update.

that's great to know, even in the meantime, thank you!

Double issue: 

If you click anywhere inside the display area, you are de-selecting the 'source' (e.g. Illustrator 2020) from the Scene panel, thus you have to re-click on the source to edit it, not a huge problem since it's by-design, but why de-select? why not leave the selection on the already selected item?

this brings up the actual problem with this: hitting the space bar, instead of refreshing, presses the + button. 

What I kept doing was hitting space bar to refresh, then clicking Illustrator 2020 - figuring there was just a two-step process now, but what that did, was added scene after scene after scene, and i didn't even realize that i was on a wild good chase looking to fix an error that no longer existed, realizing that i had 8 illustrator instances all checked. slight bit of a growing pain, but the previous functionality of spacebar=refresh is so engrained in our teams workflow when tracking down dieline problems, that it makes it less efficient to have to re-click on the source, then hit space every time. 

additionally, the Scene menu still ists "Retrieve Element" as Space Bar, if we had a set hot-key, then we could at least map or remap it with something like BetterTouchTool, but since it's context specific it's very annoying. :)

Exactly as with Boxshot or actually any other 3D software, you can select a shape with a mouse click. If you click outside of the shape - you deselect it. We should probably mark the selected shape more clearly, but I see no reason to change the selection behaviour which is quite standard.

As for the space bar, it is a hot key for "pull/receive" command, depending on the current selection. Origami remembers the last dieline source, so if you have something selected and press the space bar, you'll get it updated without a popup selector. Another place to check is the scene panel at the left, where you can see the current scene objects and which one is selected.

We'll think about making the selected scene element more obvious.

Hi there, sorry for all the posts, but thanks for replying!
I'm having a problem where every single time I use origami, or create a new scene, the Side-Texture resets to nothing, and the Side Texture Ting resets to White. 

In Origami 2 we set this once and it saved forever, can that be fixed, please?

That's a good point, thank you.

Hi Vitaly,
On Mac and Illustrator 2020 (CC) and don't see Dieline Generator inside of Illustrator.  Please advise how I can get that up and running.   Thank you.  

Are you sure you use version 3 beta? If yes, there is File->Connect to Illustrator menu item that should do the job. Make sure you quit Illustrator first. If it doesn't help, please contact us privately, as we'll need more details about your installation.

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