where is dieline creator in 3.0.5

Glen Webster 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 4

I cannot seem to find dieline creator. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I am on Origami 3.0.5 Thanks


Click the "+" button at the bottom right, then select "Online Generator" there.

Thanks Vitaly. I have noticed a glitch. When you click plus and select dieline creator. When you create the dieline and then click on illustrator in connected applications. If you have an existing piece of artwork open, the creator generates the dieline onto that artwork

That's the way version 3 works. The idea is to be able to quickly send dielines to Illustrator and get them back, if needed and Origami works with currently opened document. If you want the dieline in a new document - just make an empty one in Illustrator and send the dieline there. We also have some plans on providing a list of open documents instead of list of Illustrators in that popups, so it should get better soon :)

Fair enough Vitaly. A list would work for me. An option in the list could be 'NEW DOCUMENT' maybe!