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Embossing layer

Alexander van Aken 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 7

Is there support comming for embossing in origami? I have a foil with emboss in the design.

Under review

It is not a problem to fetch yet another mask, like we do for foil. It is mostly about rendering the embossing properly. So far we positioned Origami as a folding tool, rather than a rendering one, so the renderer is quite simple there. Let's see how much support the idea gets here first.

PS: I suppose, you've got embossing defined with a custom spot color, right?

Hi, yeah. I added a spot color called Emboss. Would be great, because of the boxes will be print for real too. What could be cool too, is instead of 1 layer per .ai file, is to make it 1 layer per artboard. Now users need to recreate the swatches, shapes etc (less work to copy all colors and changes. Good for keeping things consistent. If that is technically not an iseue, that would be my prefered workflow of choice. (OR toggle button so user can choose in case of TOO large .ai files that make it unstable to work with) But this is offtopic. 

Does one layer per artboard mean a dedicated layer, so all the artwork there is considered an emboss? Even if it is say colorful?

I was thinking in terms of having multiple artboards in ONE .ai file so each artboard can have a different box layout. Like a cardboard box with a seal (with design) around it clued to gether by a round sticker (design) on the bottom. Now layers might be named PER design. So a ORIGAMI layer that calls ORIGAMI [box], ORIGAMI [sticker1], ORIGAMI [box2] and so on.

I can imagine it is hard to understand what I mean, I will then record a video if you need it.?


You can do this in the latest Origami, there is a special Illustrator-related section for each shape, where you can specify custom layer names. We are yet to make a tutorial on that, but the feature is there.

a nice. Using v3 now. What I experienced while creating 2 artboards is that I could not create a second shape from origami that would use the second artboard. IT kinda puts itself on top of the other. Happy to view the tutorial once done.