Origami export to Boxshot

Tinatomica 9 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 9 months ago 5

Hello there,

I have used Origami with Illustrator for a while now, checking my dielines and exporting to 3D PDFs to show customers.

I now would like to use my dielines for more creative rendering and also to show single boxes inside a display box.

Therefore I would like to go straight from my illustrator file to boxshot (or via Origami?) Not sure how it works.

I need to know how to incorporate my already existing layouts to create 3D files possibly also to animate them.

Please enlighten me, how it all works

Many thanks for your help

Kind regards



Hello Martina,

You can export to Collada format in Origami and then import it to Boxshot for further rendering. If you do complex scenes, you might want to export them part-by-part to have more flexibility later in Boxshot.


I just read on your website that I need the Professional Version

I really need to know how to best integrate the software into my workflow, so I can Justify the cost of buying the software. I have the test version and can't use the Collada format.Really I need to know if I can render a scene with a display box and multiple packs inside.

You need a full version of Origami and the Ultimate version of Boxshot in order to send Origami data to Boxshot for rendering. Once you've got these versions you can easily export from Origami to Boxshot and render the scenes the way you need.

You can't test the export with the demo version of Origami, but you can test the import part with the demo version of Boxshot. You can download some objects here: https://boxshot.com/origami/gallery/samples/ - click the "OBJ file" buttons at the samples to download sample objects exported by Origami, then load them to Boxshot and try composing and rendering.

I have the full version of Origami and exported a .dae and .obj file

I worked out that I can NOT open the files directly in Boxshot but have to place an embedded model and can then select these files.

Really there are no useful tutorials, I mean how many professionals need to do mock-ups for books in this day and age??

The file is very low resolution, and the rendering seems to show a low res file.

As I am a Graphic Designer and not versed in using CAD systems, I was hoping for an easy intuitive solutions.

I need to show 48 wallet-like packets inside one display box, if I can do this with Boxshot I will buy it.

Many thanks for your help

You can drag and drop OBJ/DAE file into the Boxshot scene or use File->Import 3D Model menu item if it is available. There is no way to open OBJ/DAE files using File->Open menu item or directly with Boxshot, as this is for Boxshot projects, not 3D models. Simple drag and drop is usually the way to go.

As for the low resolution, it most likely depends on the artwork quality configured in Origami. See the "Artwork quality" section here for more details: https://boxshot.com/origami/tutorials/advanced/illustrator/