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Feature request: use separate layers to show separate models in Origami (similar to Clone)

Joey Lopez 9 months ago updated 7 months ago 4

So we do a lot of packages that have two or more parts, e.g. sometimes an insert of cardboard, or a two-part 'rigid set-up box' with a top and a bottom (e.g. board game boxes)

Thankfully, we are able to create these in Origami, but it requires some trickery; presently we set up the first part with the origami layer, clone the model (thanks for that feature!) and then change the layer name of our second part to the origami layer, and load it up, reposition in the UI. 

We've gotten used to and love Origami 3's ability to work with multiple sources in the same space, so what about maybe having something like: 

(+) > Illustrator 2020 > 
[ Type in Layer name (or leave blank for default ]

and that way it'd pull a layer name on the fly? 

Under review

I agree that using custom layer names is not the easiest feature of Origami as it requires a couple of steps in order to be set up. You don't actually need to clone the shape, you can simply de-select the current one by clicking the background and then click the "+" button and add another shape, then adjust its layer parameters and reload. Quite a complex workflow anyway, though.

I would like to listen for more ideas of how to make the process simpler from the community, so let's leave it here for more feedback.

Your suggestion makes the "pulling" interface more complex for most of the users. Instead of simply pointing the Illustrator in the list, they will be offered to enter the layer name and some may try that and make a typo and the software "will not be working" for them. Besides that you usually need to enter both front and back layers' names, so twice more chance to get it wrong and twice more complex interface for those, who don't need it. While the current approach has the same issue when it comes to typos, it doesn't overload the workflow for most of the users.

We could probably display a list of layers instead of asking to type them in, but this also doesn't help to enter/select the backside name. However, this might help a bit. We'll consider this (and any further suggestions made here) when we'll be working on support separate documents opened in Illustrator, which is in the plans.

I'd really like the other people using the custom layers to say their word here, please.

agree with what you're saying - In fact, since making that initial post, we've integrated a new step in our workflow - we've made origami 'templates'.
We have pre-saved a 4 dieline quantity file that we open up - and substitute our layer names, hide/show and reload as needed - this has become a great way to speed things up for us. We've even updated our Illustrator workflow because of this -  we now routinely work on an entire line of product boxes in one Illustrator File during the creative process - load up our origami models, and then export the DAE for use in CAD models with the products (we have some products where the box becomes part of a toy playset). Thanks for adding this functionality - it's worked out great for us!

Cool! Can we use this in the gallery, please?


yes, please absolutely :D