Feature request: "Rigid Set-Up Boxes" in Dieline Generator

Joey Lopez 11 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 7 months ago 5

Would it be possible to add a dieline generator preset for 'rigid boxes' aka 'rigid setup boxes' (the kind of boxes that board-games usually come in) specifically the wraps for the boxes. 

any chance of this making it into the generator? :) 


Added to the TODO list :)


Hello Joey,

We've just added the dieline here: https://boxshot.com/dielines/other/0001.html it is also available in Origami.

It doesn't look like ECMA or FEFCO, so it was added to the "Other" category. If you know a proper catalog/index for that - let me know. Also there are some doubts about the top part geometry, it would help if you double-check that, too.


Amazing!!!!! Fantastic!!! Thank you so much!!!

We'll have to do some testing with our vendors to figure out what works best - for now, it seems like setting the thickness to g-flute seems to provide the best simulation of the final product (even though this is technically a paper wrap that gets adhered to a cardboard shell - it works out to about the same dimensions) 

So far to create the inner/outer box dimensions similar to most of ours, I can reduce all 3 dimensions by 4mm, and it looks like it'll work for now. 

I'll update you with any tweaks from our vendors on final dieline math - but this will save us SO MUCH WORK, thank you so much!!!!!! 

That would really help, thank you.