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High Resolution Output e.g. 300 DPI – Origami 3

Kelly Gormley 9 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 9 months ago 1

I haven't rendered a scene since I updated to Origami 3, but I'm trying to save an image 2000x2000 @ 300DPI but there is no option to set the output DPI and the highest pixel dimension it will let me enter is 4096 with a resolution of 72 so I can't even resize it in Photoshop to get the dimensions/dpi needed.

There use to be an option to set the output resolution. And I see in the forum that this was added in 2014 version 1.3: https://support.appsforlife.com/communities/4/topics/1612-origami-save-as-high-resolution-raster-image-output-option-ie-600dpi-pngjpg

Am I missing something in the settings to achieve a high resolution output?

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DPI is just a meta parameter, defining how many pixels fit into an inch. We don't have that parameter in Origami 3, but you can effectively do the same in Photoshop if you check off the "resample" box on your first screenshot and then replace 72 with 300 in the "resolution" field.