Is there a way that the preview doesn't remove my art that is in Illustrator?

Erika 9 months ago updated by fcme 7 months ago 3

I really like the program but it drives me nuts that my artwork always seems to not be rendered correctly. If I angle the camera my artwork disappears on the preview.  Help!

Image 1: The side of the box is not rendering the side stripes completely even though it is in the Illustrator file. 

Image 2: I don't understand why it is fading to white on the 3D, it's glitchy and annoying! Is this a light source problem?


This looks like z-fighting for me. See here for more information on that: https://boxshot.com/origami/tutorials/mistakes/z-fighting/

Thank you! I will check out that section.


you could try to take the inside folder from 90 to 91 or 90 to 89 depending on how you are folding it so that you don't have the fighting