Feature Request: Function to define dieline colours and stroke settings for cuts and folds

Chris Davey 7 months ago updated by Joey Lopez 7 months ago 1

We produce our boxes on our CNC flatbed cutting machine, that uses standard HEX colour codes and solid lines to define cuts and folds.

Currently we have to open each into Illustrator, then manually change all the line colours and also convert the dashed lines to solids.

When we are doing this dozens of times a day, you can imagine the time consumed.

Is there a way to have in the settings a way to control this.

I imagine it would be as simple as:

Cut Line / Fold Line

 - Colour: Text field for HEX color code

 - Stroke: Dropdown/checkbox for solid or dashed line



This would be pretty sweet, though in the meantime you can use an action to automate this completely, or a javascript. 

Because origami creates two spot colors (crease and cut) you can easily address them with a script or action

This script is free and presents a neat UI to do the color swaps http://vectorboom.com/load/freebies/freescripts/replace_swatches_color/22-1-0-307 


or you could make an action to predefine both swaps with your own colors
(screen cap of the steps recorded, you'll have to record your own action in the Actions panel)