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Origami *.origami3 file viewer app?

Joey Lopez 7 months ago updated 6 months ago 2

We create a lot of packaging, and though we love Origami's export to 3D PDF, Adobe just hates their own format so much that they make it impossible for end-users to easily open these files, 90% of the time a 3D PDF from origami just crashes Acrobat out anyway, and when it does open the cryptic UI (click menu, click enable, click red ? mark etc.) on top of the problems with clicking anywhere on the model, etc. 

we end up using a screenshot or render from origami, or for some products we export to DAE for use in Keyshot. 

What we'd really really really love (and would gladly pay for) is a way to get end-users to be able to view .origami3 files via a standalone viewer app, or website. 

We considered even giving people the link to download a trial of origami, and just having them use it as a viewer, I wonder what you think about a pared-down viewer, with watermarks and no saving/generation/editing abilities? 

Already implemented

Have you tried Koru? https://boxshot.com/koru/ :)

Hi Vitaly, so I've spent the last two days checking out Koru - looks really really cool, I downloaded the free version and got it working right away, and I can tell we'd use the .html export to email or post a file to our project mgmt system; can you do me a favor to help me sell it to my company - can you send me a sample .html file with a HIGH RES model? like the tuna cans from the gallery; i can show that off on the web, but i'd like to be able to put up the html to demo that it works with our systems, but with how low-res the demo does, it makes the product look bad.