long import time illustrator 2020

Todd5000 8 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 8 months ago 4

I'm having an issue with a long importing time from illustrator. Its a fairly typical box with all vector artwork. I've never run into a long wait time for importing. Are there any known issues? Import time is several minutes.

Under review

Do you use high quality artwork option enabled or changed any resolution-related defaults in settings?

Yes I have low quality artwork set to 300 dpi.  In the past if I had low quality artwork DPI set lower when I exported the 3D model it was lower DPI in my box shot file. I have always set the low quality artwork dpi to 300 and never had an issue with importing into origami.

update... the ai file I am working with contains multiple art boards for each of the different box flavors and then an origami art board that I use to import each box into origami. I tried creating a new ai file with only 1 art board and it is now working much faster.

A question on the low quality artwork dpi. If I keep low quality art work on a lower dpi and the hi quality artwork on 300 dpi will my files export as high resolution without me having to raise the low quality artwork dpi?


The artwork processing speed mostly depends on Illustrator and it might take it some time to process everything for Origami. Sometimes, it may take really long, especially for complex projects. I am not sure if the number of artboards ever affected the speed, but the complexity of the exported artboard definitely affects it. I would really like to see the AI file here please, so we can have a closer look - you can send it privately using this forum.

As for the DPI - because of all that speed issues, you are supposed to work in "low res" mode until everything is ready. Then you switch the object to the high res mode and do a single "slow" export of the artwork. So basically you are waiting just once. You usually don't need to touch the DPI in settings, as there is a special switch for each object in the scene. See here for more details: https://boxshot.com/origami/tutorials/advanced/illustrator/

Regarding your last question: in Origami 2 we updated artwork from Illustrator before exporting. In Origami 3 we export what we currently have. More, there could be no Illustrator around at all in version 3. So you use the "high quality artwork" switch and update the artwork yourself to have the quality you need and Origami simply stores what you have. Then you can export or render that exactly artwork.