Origami for Illustrator 2021

jeanphide 8 months ago updated by Nate Maldonado 7 months ago 13


Can you provide an update for Illustrator 2021



It is on its way, we're going to release it quite soon. Meanwhile you can keep the old 2020 version of Illustrator around.

OK Vitaly

When do you plan to give us the plugin update?



Most likely, next week.

OK I'm looking forward to it because I can't use Illustrator CC 2021 without this plugin.


Damn, come on guys! Illustrator is just out, give poor Vitaly some time!

Yes Walter,

I'm using Extensis Fusion and they released their same-day update of the Illustrator CC 2021

Vitaly, THANK YOU for being on top of this!!!!!! 

Great Vitaly !!! Thanks a lot !

For info, I had to copy the Origami plugin manually in the Illustrator 2021 plugin folder.

Could you contact us privately, as I would like to see the log files, please?

ok i send an email to support


Very good - thanks so much!