Not a bug

Remove space in texture file name "Illustrator 2021-Front.png" in 3D Export

Jash 5 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 5 months ago 1

It causes a problem when I import the .dae file into Koru. For some reason the .dae file in Koru shows the reference to the front texture file as "Illustrator%202021-Front.png" and I have to re-reference it to show as "Illustrator 2021-Front.png 

I know I can also rename the layer in Origami before exporting to prevent this issue but I would like to avoid having to do that. 

Not a bug

This is the correct way to export file names with spaces to Collada format. We fixed that in the recent Origami update. We also fixed Koru and Boxshot to do the same, so you probably need to update your Koru installation in order to get the problem disappear.