FEFCO 0427 Dieline Generator not allowing us to use dimensions we've used before?

Joey Lopez 7 months ago updated 7 months ago 3

This is very scary because I've generated dielines for people using the FEFCO 0427 using these dims and honestly didn't notice the error was doing something so destructive: when you input dimensions such as: 
L: 12.25"

W: 7.5"

H: 5.75" 

You receive the error: "Height should not exceed the 3/4 of Length and 1/2 of Width for this layout. Height has been fixed to match these requirements."

I hadn't noticed that the DIMENSIONS entered stay the same, but the DIELINE changes to something else. 

Whatever the dimensions it changes them to, it doesn't tell you, all you can do is click Generate. 

I'm so worried now, because I figured whatever it corrected the sizes to A) are not true that there's a problem with our dims because we make boxes with these and other dims all the time. and B) are not given to us in Origami, only if you check the dims in Illustrator will you be able to find out what it corrected them to. 

Please remove this restriction, please - make it just a warning, or atlest update the UI to tell us what the new dims it created are. 

I dont' know how many boxes I've made dielines for with this happening and not realizing that the dims were different than what I entered. For now I'm letting it tell me that, and then manually editing the dieline after it's generated, but that defeats the whole purpose of using the dieline generator. 

Please help. 

Oh my god, I just tried with 5 more product sizes, and they all say the same error: 

10x6x4.5, 10x6x5, etc. etc. etc. oh no. 


That's a complex story... The requirements we activated let you make more stable and firm boxes, as all the flaps reach the opposite sides and so on. The generator always tells if it adjusts something, so if you didn't see the messages, you probably made the boxes of the dimensions you provided. That new requirements were added just a couple of days ago, so you hardly made a wrong box with us.

Overall, I accept two things:

1. We should try making a box even if the input parameters are not perfect;

2. We should not change the dimensions to match our requirements or standards. We may display a warning, but the dimensions should be controlled by the user.

We've updated FEFCO-0427 to partially match the two points above. In the next few days we'll finish the fix and update some other dielines that do the same. You should end up with more control on the process.

It would really help if you give the updated version a try and confirm that the boxes are generated properly and all the elements work nice together.

Thank you so much, will do. 

the "as all the flaps reach the opposite sides" I'll keep an eye out, and be sure to manually fix if that happens. 

Thanks again