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origami .dae vs. .boxshot File Type Lighting

cmiller 4 months ago updated 3 months ago 12

When I import a Origami 2 .boxshot model and Origami 3 .dea model the lighting in Boxshot looks completely different.

Can I save old .boxshot models from Origami 3?


How can I adjust lighting to look the same?

See attached image for comparison.

Thank you

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What are the exact versions of Boxshot and Origami 2 and 3?

Origami 3.0.10

Boxshot 4.15.1

Adobe Illustrator 2020

MacOS 10.14.6

Can you share a simple exported model, so I can have a look? Origami 3 is designed to work with Boxshot 5 and Collada parameters were changed a bit in Origami 3, but there must be a way to fix this in version 4, too. So a small sample would help.

I'm having similar issues with Boxshot 5 (5.2.8) and Origami 3 (3.0.11). When I export my .dae file from Origami into Boxshot the lighting is very harsh and the colours are over saturated.

This looks like a different issue to me. In your case, the scene is too bright which can be adjusted using the environment intensity. In the parent topic the lighting looks wrong or too weak, which is strange...

Thanks, adjusting the environment intensity fixes the issue, though not ideal if I have to lower it each time I import a .dae file generated through Origami (the lighting is fine when I use one of the boxshot shapes).

Is the lighting fine for Boxshot shape in the same scene you exported from Origami? Or in a new scene made right in Boxshot?

After some experimenting I believe I've found my issue. It looks like when I'm importing the .dae files the front of the box is facing towards the light and I have been rotating my view (like I use to do previously in Boxshot 4) instead of rotating the object to have it face the correct direction. I guess my question is now, what is the best way to indicate in Origami which panel is the front so it loads in the correct orientation when importing into Boxshot?

Origami lets you specify the front panel exactly as you do for bottom or top one. See here for more details: https://boxshot.com/origami/tutorials/basic/5-defining-bottom/

Note, that the current version has some issues with the front marker, and it might not always work as expected. We're going to fix that in the next update, but meanwhile you can give it a try and if it works for you - you can simply use it. Otherwise, you can always rotate the shape in Boxshot after importing.

Thanks!! I'll give that a go.

What email should I send files to?

Just make a private message here in the forum.