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Tabs too short for mailer boxes

Walter Bravenboer 6 months ago updated 5 months ago 4

We commonly have to change the length of the tabs of boxes like 0427, especially when using thinner paper and cardboard. Is there a way to make this adjustable, or perhaps a default size that is bigger?

Under review

Of course, everything can be made adjustable, but we still try to keep the number of parameters low to keep everything simple. What are the tabs in question?

I understand completely, how are the tabs calculated? Is it perhaps a percentage of the paper thickness? For instance in my last box, the paper was 0.6 mm, that made the tabs much too small, around 1.5 mm I believe. We mostly make the tabs around 2.5 or 3 mm, so they can 'click' well in the holes in the bottom.

So, the question is about these tabs?

Yes, they are based on the paper thickness. What do you think would be the best formula for their length?

Perhaps 200% + 1 mm? That makes with 0.6 mm a tab of 2.2 mm and with 1.5 mm a tab of 4 mm.

With thicker paper the tabs are maybe too long.. the issue is mostly with the thinner kinds.