Measurement tool inside Origami

OscarR 5 months ago 0

I would love to have a simple measurement tool inside Origami which allows you to measure certain parts of the box. Like the measurement tool in Sketchup which snaps to borders so you can easily measure some things.

I think I use Origami the other way around but someone asked me to think about the custom interior of a box for certain parts. So I draw the dielines myself in Illustrator and transformed them into a box using Origami. The thing is, it's not my actual work and since every fold adds something to the width it's really hard to get it right.

If there was a tool where I could measure certain parts I could easily change the corresponding lines in illustrator and move them. Without such a tool it's really hard to get the dielines exactly right, at least, it's a lot of trial and error and costs a lot of time.

As I said, it's not my real work but think a tool like that will be a great addition in a really nice and straight forward program as Origami. For example I used to use Sketchup to fix a box first, unfold it and make a dieline, this works much easier. Also tried IC3D which also works pretty well but is unnessary complicated I think. Especially how you have to prepare the dielines before they can be folded into a box.

Keep up the great work!