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Semi-transparent packaging with graphics

D-M 1 month ago updated 1 month ago 2

Are you planning to add the "semi-transparent packaging" option to Origami? I mean the functionality similar to that of Esko Studio. By making a 3D visualization of the packaging (e.g. wrap-around for beer), I would like to see what things are covered by the panels that are above the panels to which the adhesive is applied. Thanks to this functionality, it would be easier to make cutouts in the graphics for gluing

Under review

We see Origami as mostly a cardboard folding tool. The plans include extending the dielines library, adding more dieline checks to simplify errors detection and so on. Rendering and materials were never a focus for Origami, as we have Boxshot and Koru for that step.

We may consider adding some elements like plastic windows or some effects like the foil we already added, but the main focus is still on folding the dielines, but there are no plans on adding full-featured materials to Origami.

As for wrap-around feature, is that shrink wrap or just plastic finishing? Shrink wrap is definitely out of Origami scope, while plastic finishing could become an option one day.

Please feel free to provide more visual examples of what exactly is needed, so I can comment on that and either put it into the todo list, or suggest to use a different software for that.

I don't know if we understood each other well. "Wrap-around" is a type of corrugated cardboard packaging (https://www.indevcopapercontainers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/IPC-W-01-001.jpg). I am already sending you a visualization of the functionality I mean and which is in Esko Studio. Attachments below No transparent panels:

Transparent panels:

I do not know if it is clearly visible but when you look, in the screenshot with transparent panels you can see the "no print zones" for gluing in the graphics. I know Origami is for folding packaging. It only shows that it serves me for other things as well. Esko approaches the subject in the same way - thanks to Esko Studio you can avoid many mistakes thanks to this and other functionality. If it was not clear further - I can help with further explanations.

A useful option is also the visualization of the perforation, which can be seen in the attached screenshots (the cutouts in the corrugated cardboard are visible on the edges of the packaging)