NVIDIA GPU rendering support!

Morgan 4 years ago updated by Wojtek 3 years ago 3
NVIDIA GPU supported rendering. It would render in no time compared to the CPU based rendering now. All else is lovely in this product; but this is a MAJOR drawback for me!!
Why Nvidia or any producer, GPU with GPU is the target, clue is OpenCL or OpenGL, personaly I like OpenCL, try to download luxmark benchmark demo - it makes power from any hardware You have in computation tasks, photozoom can use both CPU and GPU too. thats the point in true benefit of CPU
We're keeping an eye on it, but so far our tests show that only very high-level GPU can beat CPU in general-purpose raytracing. What works for games does not work for us yet :(

OK but why Nvidia, maybe it can be done by OpenCL as in Luxmark render that can use any GPU iand CPU in computer.