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Defused images even with production-quality render

fred.anr 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 5

Hello, admittedly I am new to Owlet.

My office studio developed a custom packaging in Maya recently. I purchased Owlet to be able to use those 3D objects with Labels applied via the Material Editor as per your tutorials. Things look fine at the preview window. But even when rendered in production quality at 2000 pixels the output is defused (as if viewing the objects through a fog of light).

Wonder what I am doing wrong. Help much appreciated. Image attached for a better explanation.

Best, Fred

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Hello Fred,

It is hard to tell by just a screenshot. Any chance you can send a small example scene that doesn't work?


Hello Vitaly,

I wonder if you got the email with my Owlet scene- file.

If not, here it is again.

Thank you,


Shampoo Bottles Scene

Here I did a test rendering:

and it looks pretty much the same as the preview:

The only thing that can affect the look is the missed textures. You sent just the scene file without textures and the bottles have images applied, so maybe the images affect the output?

Click File->Collect Resources to get all the artwork next to the output file, zip it and post here, so I can give it another try.

Vitaly, thank you for the help and looking further into this.

Attached are the collected resources.



Owlet Scene Resources - Fred 08

I still get the same normal results with your scene:

What format do you save to? Maybe you can send the output image here? Make sure it is saved by Owlet with no post-processing or any modifications. Zip it up to make sure it is not converted by the website.

I would also double-check that you use the latest version of Owlet.