Network render for Owlet

Wojtek 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Easy to produce maybe:

We setup in preferences network render folder as watch and working folder for render later job manager

When we start job manager - il look at network folder and start to render first job from list - marking for other render managers that this task is taken to render.

When task have many frames as animation - each frames are render one by one by avaliable computers.

it could be done in BoxShot too


We have an idea of "dedicated" rendering mode for both apps, where just the job manager starts and monitors its folder for new tasks, that are then rendered automatically. This is pretty much the same that you want, combined with the custom "render later" jobs folder location.

The only thing is that it is planned as 1:1 mode, so only one renderer can use the folder with jobs. This way it is much easier to implement, but we'll monitor the feedback and plan the further steps from that.

the power of render network is using many renders in one folder with job - so tasks are fluently move to free computer .

adding only watch folder action is adding "automate run new job" function but it is no network working.

I think about few jobs are render by few comps in one time, 

it make sense - special when we set uo animation. every frame is stand alone task to do .

After Affects  solution is simple - computers are render same job - and if any computer take frame to render it mark it in setup file (html) so other comps know what do next 


but adding watch folder is cool to - few computers are design - and one strong is rendering