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Decals and reflections

Dirk Nitschke 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 1

Hello Vitaly,

I hope everything is finde to you. I have a question concerning rendering Boxshot scenes in Owlet. The rendering in Owlet over all seem far more realitic and so I would like to use it for a brand of beer. But I have one problem with a decal I placed in Boxshot. As you can see, when I switch on the reflection layer in Owlet of the mesh in wich the „transparent“ PNG Decal of the neck label is, there is an area wich shows a darker brown. This area is the decal border I guess. Is there any way to work around. When I increase reflection the area is getting whiter. 
When I render the Bottle with labels in Boxshot it works quite finde as you can see at the second screenshot. Even on the labels there is realistic reflection. But the result in Owlet promises far more realism, I guess.

Thanx for your help, have a nice day!


Under review

Hello Dirk,

Can you pack the whole project please and send it here? Use File->Collect Resources to do so. This way we can have a closer look at it here and help.