Fan speed goes up

JoergB 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 4


I tried the Owlet demo and like it very much, but as soon, as I drop a basic object to the working area, the fan speed rises to maximum and goes down very slowly, after closing the software, although the task manager shows very low CPU activity (Windows10 Pro x64, Intel Core I5, 8GB RAM) Any idea?

Thanks very much!



Hello Joerg,

Owlet implements heavy raytracing algorithms on CPU in order to provide a realistic output. This stresses CPU a lot, so it gets hotter and activates fans. Not sure why the load was low in your case, maybe your CPU limits its speed to prevent overheating? I would check it for dust, especially if it is a laptop.


Thanks very much for your help. I checked the demo on my desktop PC and it's fine there. Yes, it's a laptop that causes the problem. I will check CPU limit and dust and will give you feedback...

Thanks again!


I cleaned the fan from outside the laptop and now it is much better :-) I think I will take time to unscrew the whole thing and remove dust as good as I can... I installed speed fan to check fan and CPU activity. This tool seems to be more reliable than the task manager...

Thanks very much

You are very welcome :)