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Import multiple STL into scene at ones?

perkabrod 2 years ago updated by Eric Öhman 2 years ago 8

Hi! Trying out your software and like it best so far among Keyshot alternatives I've tried. But my models come from CAD, Solidworks. And when I export to STL, every screw and washer will be saved to individually STL files. 

I wonder if there's a way to import more than 1 STL file at a time? Right now I use File-Import but sometime it takes an hour just to import all files by hand :) Luckily they are positioned correct in space from the gecko.

Under review

I guess the question was about Owlet, so I moved the topic to a proper forum. Correct me if I am wrong.

At the moment there is no easy way to quickly import multiple STL files into a single scene. Owlet supports many other formats, maybe you can export the whole scene to Collada or FBX?

Hi! I (sort of) found a way for .STL files

1. File-> New Scene

2. Open explorer and the folder where all your .STL files are located.

3. Select all .STL files in explorer and drag & drop on to the tab Untitled (scene)

There's one problem though, seems like "Put on floor" is some default behaviour which means the parts are not in their intended location.

Is there any way to turn off this "Put on floor" when drag&drop?

PS. FBX works great but there's a huge benefit of getting .STL to work:

   Imagine you revise your model, then you can just drag and drop in the changed .STL parts into your Owlet scene.

   This way you can output an updated 3d render without having to "start all over" with a new FBX!

...or a way to reset all node properties to position/translation X=0 Y=0 Z=0

Can you share a simple scene of 2-3 STL files that we can test it on?


3 STL files

See attached file. Follow procedure described above (drag n drop on untitled scene tab). If you go into Node Properties for each of the STL in the scene tree and set position back to 0. The parts will be at the correct location relative to each other.

The 3 parts will float above ground which is the way it is designed in my cad software prior to export to STL.

Feature request:

  A way to quickly zero the XYZ Position at Node Properties for all parts in scene tree. 

That way the drag n drop parts will "mate up together".

Alternatively, change so that the drag n drop files will not automatically be put on the floor, or a tickbox setting for the behaviour.


Thanks, the latter seems to be the way to go, we'll add an option for that to the settings.


Will be a great feature!

As soon as this feature is included. I will suggest my work to buy licenses for us CAD users! Keep me updated :)