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Is OpenCL should be used for next release ?

laurent thorigny 2 years ago updated by Wojtek 1 year ago 2


I know that OpenCL is very usefull for parallele processing like a 3D render and breaks the gap between how the cpu and gpu work cause it will use both even they are different (intel vs nvidia or amd)

So your render so great is it will reach the speed of rendering like the others GPU accelerated 3D renders we can find on the market.

great idea because your 3d render is so mazing to use and fast to learn

I think you already think about it ?

Thanks again for that great tool :) 


Under review

So far our tests show no speed up with OpenCL or any other GPU computation techniques. Let's keep it here though, so other may tell what they think.

Yes we make this test in other apps and I dont see any difference when we use nvidia 980 on  Mac Pro 2x 3.4 mhz 6cores coputer. there was two interesting features:

- when render was on GPU background we have  CPU "free" for other programs

- but GPU render was lot of limitation: memory, quality

we use Blender and After Effects for tests