Under review

Will in future boxshot have the same material editior as Owlet - as layers

Wojtek 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 5
Under review

This is in plans, but the priority is not that high. Upvotes would help, though :)

What would really help is some real scenarios where it cannot be done using the existing materials.

Well , we can have one shape with one texture mapping but we cna use few difrent materials - as glass, plastic, gold, using layers and masks - we dont need to make separate shapes with own textures

nad we can ( I did) work as pritning proces - in texture mode I made layer materal add layer offset printing, add layer hto stamping foil, add layer panton solid color, add layer UV varnish add layer Holo Foil, - at one material setup and one object shape and one texture mapping - that is design way of thinking - not as 3D maker. 

That helps when ypu design, so you dont have final product yet to final work 

find and replace texture in document / own texture library in document / better render quality / 

Well, Boxshot has images manager for almost a year or so. Rendering is also comparable to Owlet, except for materials.

Custom assets library is in plans. We've just added custom shapes library, so assets is the next step the same way.

OK I like layers in Owlet material editor - that way of thinking about shape texture :)
one shape could have many textures with own mask layers - that nice feature - and all materal parameters that makes all details prefect

And I think that Owlet have better render quality

Maybe, in future, BoxShot will have that material editor  but I rather doubt it . It is against yours way of making programs maximum simple  - as Boxshot is