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DONT KILL OWLET - untill Boxshot will have .....

Wojtek 12 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 12 months ago 3

DONT KILL OWLET - untill Boxshot will have same render quality, render setup (like time) and same texture setup structure :))

Under review

Well, the rendering quality is pretty much the same. Owlet has more features in materials, but the rendering quality is comparable. Again, let me know if a particular rendering feature is missing, we'll try to match it. Materials is a complex matters, but we have some plans :)


1. Owlet is still flying around and as long as you have a license, you can keep using it;

2. Feel free to submit the missing features to Boxshot forum or directly by email - we're all ears :)

I understand, but love to work in Owlet way of working, its realy work as better quality as Boxshot

this quality

Boxshot files 

The project is in version 4 format, which definitely had a lower quality renderer. Here I did a draft rendering of the scene in version 5:

I had to adjust materials here or there a little bit, as the Boxshot project doesn't match the Owlet one, according to your rendering. Sure, more needs to be done to materials here, but overall I don't see any real difference between these two.

Give the fifth version a try :)