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Export / Import Scene Settings and Properties

Jürgen 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 3

It would be nice if we can have a import / export function for scene properties, camera settings and node properties. This would be very useful for building series. So we don't have to do the same settings again and again.

Under review

Can you provide a scenario when this can be used? So far it looks like you can simple delete the objects you don't need and save the scene as a "template" project for further usage.

We have build different boxshot scenes on the same template, import them into koru and make some adjustements, like background, watermark, camera settings etc. to adjust the scene. If we import the next boxshot scene, we have to do this again and again. It would be more easier, if we can export and import these settings.

When you export to Koru from Boxshot, you get a Collada file. Then you can open it directly in Koru - this way it loads it as a scene, or you can import it to existing Koru scene, then Koru ignores the environment parameters defined by the imported file and keeps the current ones.

Try making a single project as you usually do, then delete all the geometry and materials and use File->Import for another file exported from Boxshot. This may do exactly what you need. If it doesn't - please let me know what is missed.