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Add Panorama viewer to Koru

CG_MONK 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 6

You already have Callouts in Koru (which is great for realtors), adding a callout with panorama which you can expand to fullscreen would be an awesome addition

Posted it in the wrong app forum and can't delete it : /

Under review

Moved to the right forum. What kind of panoramas you have? Koru can load and display environment maps that are quite close to panoramas, so maybe if you can convert your panorama to latlong format used by Koru, you can do what you want right now?

Just your average .jpg panoramas that you take with your 360 camera. I want to be able to add a 360 panorama in a proper callout link, which I could click and expand to full screen view and close when needed. Koru does not have this functionality yet.

Can you attach a sample, please?

Well, you can simply set this texture as environment and get something close to what you need. Callouts cannot (yet) be applied to background, but you can put a small object somewhere far in the proper direction and attach the callout there.

Here I made a simple scene with the callout at the door: https://koru.boxshot.com/scenes/8ecb86a91e1819703148 - it is not perfect, but shows the idea.