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Lighting//Lightmap for interior

ninja 3 years ago updated by Vladan 2 years ago 8 1 duplicate

Hello,  how do you recommend  to add lighting to interior scene?  (a house with multiple rooms,  snapshots needed for individual rooms).  Calculated lightmap looks OK for exterior views,  but not for interiors..    Can you import lights objects vhen importing DAE format? Add lights in Koru?  (free version)

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Can you share a sample scene, so we can test it here, please?

Ok, i have to finish it a bit, and would want to send privately, how?   you may take any//generic house with rooms. If there is no lights in scene, just Environment - the rooms will be too dark with Lightmap enabled.  Maybe to play with Light-emissive materials? there is no other types of Lights supported?  i am not a computer graphics pro. just beginner, but anyway Koru software looks good :) very useful single file .html export, also export to web server. I noticed when 'to web server - files are about 20% smaller (koruDat+.js vs single file .html)

I thought about idea to disable 'ceiling 'roof and some other objects, i mean like in your online tutorial - node properties: cast shadows: off.  The result is much better, not true shadows, maybe requires more playing with Environment light, but much better, softer looking views :)  Ok for single-story house, will be more complicated with multi-storeys.. If currently not supported, will be nice to have some (even simple) interior lights support. 

Hello, this is my sample house (temporary link): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bijU0AOT-fUn7Pgeck2KF0eNqjyHGIFC

Sorry at this time i cannot concentrate on, and to check if this is really the last scene (using 32-bit Windows at this time). This should be with lightmap generated, with roof and ceiling disabled, then ceiling material with maximum brightness, not to look black.  Any other ideas on how to make interior scenes lighter? Koru currently supports only environment light? Or any other lights types? Maybe it can be imported? I tried export from pcon.Planner software as DAE and also FBX format. Both work OK, and with FBX if i remember correctly there was 'LightNode'' imported from pcon.planner light object, but with no light. Maybe i dont know how to make it work. Just needed any lightning :) not necessarily true realistic.

I do not know where my post went to but it was merged with this post.

My question was: How to add scene lights before lightmapping. The only controllable light seems to be a static ambient light. The feature of adding scene lights is available in Owlet. A scene without shadows is very flat and unlifelike.

Koru does not support other lights except the environment one, so there is no way you can add one now. The problem is that it may take way too long to compute a proper lightmap (or lightmaps if you used snapshot) for all the lights in the scene.

We keep an eye on this topic, though. So any suggestions are welcome.

I think this tutorial for extra light is also applicable in Koru. samples

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