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Hot foil manual

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Hi again Vitaly

sorry about the inconvenience but i need detailed manuals both from boxshot 5 and koru. the examples you give in your gallery are very goods but we can't understand how to achieve the same results in our daily work. We can't figure out the parameters we should manipulate in order to get the desired effect( foil behavior: https://boxshot.com/koru/gallery/scene-09/). Of course we are trying to achieve it but its extremely difficult due the complexity of existent parameters. It i possible to do hat im asking for? A complete manual to help us to understand better how it works.


Under review

Sure, we probably need to add some effects tutorials. Here is a good place to start: https://boxshot.com/boxshot/tutorials/advanced/foil/ - it is for Boxshot, but it explains the basic principles that can also be applied to Koru.

You can also try a built-in hot foil material:

Basically, you need a base (diffuse) texture, reflection mask and a heightmap for relief. Then it is all about fine-tuning parameters until it looks perfect. Let me know if the information above doesn't help, as it may take time to make a detailed tutorial.

Thanks for your precious help. i will try it for a while. it is fair to give you a truce...

keep your good work. Respect