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Geometry distorts or disappears

Mattias 1 year ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago 5

As an example:

1. I create a scene with a few objects,

2. computes lightmap,

3. add a few snapshots,

4. computes lightmap -> Geometry distorts or disappears. 

After first lightmap. 

After snapshots have been applied and compute lightmap again. 

The distort also occur when I happen to double click on snapshot. And some objects can disappear when I compute lightmap the first time. 

This might be a Blender-issue. I tried exporting the objects from Lightwave and recreate the problems with no "luck". When 

exporting from Lightwave everything seems to be working fine. 

Seems to be a blender .fbx-issue. obj-files works fine. 

Under review

Anyway, please send a sample small FBX so we can test it here. If it is loaded well, it shouldn't be affected by the lightmap calculation...