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360 degrees view of my box

k-tools 12 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 12 months ago 1

Hello Vitaly,

thank you for your recent answers on the support forum. I successfully applied changes based on them.

By now, I've completed my first boxes. They're almost ready for distribution.

However, I have one question left: How can I allow the box to be seen from every side, in 360 degrees.

This is helpful for my online showcase. Currently, visitors would see every side of the box except the bottom side, since there is something like a ground on which the box stands. Would you please let me know where I can disable that ground, so the box rotates in the middle of the screen in 360°?

Thank you and best regards,


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Hello Ray,

There is a limitation in Koru so the camera cannot go under the floor. Turn the floor off to disable that.

Let me know if it doesn't help.